Creative Horizons: The Honest Design Story

Hello from Christchurch, New Zealand, the inspiring base of Honest Design.

I’m James Delderfield, the founder, and my journey in design took root in the vibrant landscape of London, where I ran my own agency for many fulfilling years. Returning to the breathtaking scenery of NZ in 2020, I established Honest Design.

At Honest Design, our commitment goes beyond design; we thrive on surpassing expectations. Going the extra mile is second nature to us, and it’s this dedication that defines our relationship with our clients.

Though we call Christchurch home, our creative services have no borders. We take pride in serving clients worldwide, ensuring a global touch in every project we undertake.

We thrive on surpassing expectations

Where do we find our inspiration?

In the stunning landscapes of New Zealand, where I often set up my workspace in a van, weaving creativity with the beauty of this country.

Join us on a journey where design meets dedication, and let's create something extraordinary together.