Meals on Wheels


Sydney, AUS


Website Design / Development and Marketing

Nourishing Communities: The Village Chef's Digital Evolution

Embark on a journey of transformation with The Village Chef, formerly known as Meals on Wheels. Honest Design took on the challenge of modernising and expanding their digital presence as part of a comprehensive rebrand.

Tasked with creating a website for the Sydney area, our team ensured not only a sleek and accessible design but also a platform that caters to the diverse needs of the community. Meeting stringent accessibility criteria, we crafted a user-friendly website that resonates with the demographic it serves. Join us in celebrating The Village Chef’s commitment to empowering independence and fostering community connections through a website that is as inclusive as it is innovative.

Pine Green
C89 M39 Y99 K38

Emerald Green
C89 M27 Y98 K14

Lime Green
C29 M0 Y54 K0

Canary Yellow
C4 M25 Y89 K0