The Wolf of Wall Street


London, UK


Website / UI Design and Illustration

A Decade of Mastery: The Wolf of Wall Street NFT Celebration

Step into the electrifying world of The Wolf of Wall Street’s 10th-anniversary celebration through our collaborative design journey. Honest Design had the honor of crafting a unique digital experience, designing a captivating website to showcase the exclusive NFTs released in commemoration of this iconic film.

From the seamless user interface of the NFT marketplace to the bespoke custom illustrations, our team passionately translated the film’s essence into a visual spectacle. Join us in revisiting the legacy of The Wolf of Wall Street through a digital celebration that marries design mastery with cinematic brilliance.

Light Blue
C44 M3 Y13 K0

Powder Blue
C78 M55 Y0 K0

C29 M4 Y85 K0

C0 M63 Y100 K0